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Nearly all Birkenstocks can be repaired. We have resoled the Birkenstock for 30 years. Bring us your Birkenstocks for an evaluation. Or, telephone us on our toll free number, Or email us as well with any further inquiry.


General Repair Information

Birkenstock resole: $42/pair
Replace EVA soles, reseal the cork, and light upper care.

Resole/Recork-minor: $58/pair
Our most popular repair offers new EVA soles and minor cork repairs on less than half part of the visible surfaces, cork sealant, and light upper care.

Resole/Recork-major: $68/pair
Serious repair offers new EVA soles and major cork repairs on all visible surfaces, cork sealant, and light upper care.

Heel or toe taps: $28/pair
Help protect small areas of wear, usually on the heel or toe of the sole, without replacing the entire sole.

Birkenstock liners $35/pair
Reline the footbed of your Birkenstocks in suede leather.

Recraft: Call for price
Send us your really old Birks, and we’ll put on a new footbed, lightly treat the uppers. Feel like a new pair. Select from 3 footbeds: Classic, Soft footbed, and High Arch footbed.


Birkenstock Costa Mesa
1500 Adams Ave., #105
Costa Mesa, CA 92626





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